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Large Boat Catch with Install

$ 1,099.00

Southside Marine is proud to offer the large Boatcatch coupling device; the perfect launch and retrieval system for boats weighing up to 6 tonnes (8 metres in length). The Boatcatch launch and retrieval system makes getting your boat on and off your trailer as straightforward as possible; you can get into the water in less than 20 seconds from any boat ramp. Southside Marine’s range of large Boatcatch products is manufactured from marine-grade stainless steel, and includes a positive-lock system, mitigating the dangers of conventional launch systems.

The large Boatcatch system includes a professional installation by a trained serviceman. Having a Southside Marine technician handle your installation is important for large boats. Twin or tri hull boats, as well as non-traditional bow posts, can require custom-fitting; our trained technicians specialise in fast, reliable and cost-effective installations for your large Boatcatch coupling system, letting you get out on the water as soon as possible. Call Southside Marine or fill out our enquiry form for more information about a Boatcatch fitting.

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