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Boatcatch – Launch and Retrieve with Ease

Southside Marine is one of Melbourne’s leading marine stockists of the revolutionary Boatcatch launch and retrieval system.

What is Boatcatch?

When it’s all about getting out on the water you don’t want to mess around – with a Boatcatch system you can launch in 20 seconds.

With a lifetime warranty, one of the great things about this product is that its brilliance lies in its simplicity.  There are actually only three moving parts – and all components are made of 100% marine grade stainless steel.

You won’t even have to set foot on the boat ramp with Boatcatch, and you certainly won’t be fiddling around with numerous levers and pullies.  This is truly a hassle free accessory for your boat trailer.

Boat catch is the safest launch product available.  You will be able to confidently move your trailer up and down the ramp using only the Boatcatch system – it can’t become unlocked as it uses a solid pin to lock your boat onto the trailer.  The designers have looked at all the issues that arise when launching and retrieving and have created a product that can deal with all of those, including uneven boat ramps and waves.

No matter what size your boat is the Boatcatch system can work for you.  The system is available for both smaller boats under six meters, and for larger boats over six meters in length.

Call Southside Marine today on 03 9708 2793 to find out more about Boatcatch.

Watch the Boatcatch Video Demonstration

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